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                                                                Carrier Exchange



                                                                                    Includes Differential Carriers with:

·        Drive-Controlled Differential Lock (DCDL)

·        Pressurized Lube System (Oil pump and Filter)

·        Aluminum carrier

·        Parking brake


Program Summary

The Meritor Carrier Exchange Program

increases flexibility to sell trucks from dealer

stock. This program enables dealers to simply and

conveniently exchange Meritor carriers or

upgrade axles to include differential lock and/or a

pressurized lube system (oil pump and filter) on

stock trucks.

Several important benefits of the program are

·       Axle ratio flexibility to help eliminate potential

     lost sales;

·       Opportunity to upgrade and add driver-controlled

     differential lock (DCDL), a pressurized

     lube system, and/or aluminum carrier, where


·       Rapid response to customer ratio requirements;

·       Reduced paperwork; and

·       Full warranty on the exchanged carrier.

The program reduces and simplifies work.

Meritor ships to dealers a complete carrier,

less driveline yoke, ready to install. This helps to

significantly reduce installation time and expense.


Program Guidelines

A wide range of popular Meritor axle models

are available. The program is available only

through authorized OEM dealers and applies to

·       New, untitled stock vehicles;  for trucks with more than 2500 miles additional charges apply.

·       Axle ratio changes;

·       Axle upgrades to add DCDL, a pressurized

     lube system (oil pump and filter), and/or aluminum

     carrier, where available;

·       Must have regional sales approval for orders on

five or more trucks.  Additional charges apply.


Exclusions From Program

The Carrier Exchange Program does not include

exchanges on:

·       TELMA and JACOB Retarder Carriers;

·       No-Spin Differential Carriers*;

·       Differential Carriers with Internal ABS Sensors;

·       Two-Speed Carriers;

·       Coach-Quality Carriers**


*     No-Spin is a registered trademark of Dyneer



**   Coach Quality units charged $500 per axle.


Delivery of Carriers

Delivery time is not guaranteed. Carriers will be

shipped when they are available. You can cancel

an order any time prior to shipment. Administration fee will not be refunded on cancelled CEP orders.  For orders cancelled after shipment, a 15% restocking fee will apply.


Dealer Procedures and



To submit a Carrier Exchange work form, call Meritor Commercial Vehicle Systems in Florence, Kentucky, at 1-888-725-9355. (option 2) In Canada, call the Meritor Distribution Center in Brampton, Ontario, at 1-905-454-7070.  When placing your call, ask for the Carrier Exchange Coordinator.  You will be asked to fill out a work form, which is available on-line by visiting - select the Carrier Exchange option, than click on the Program Profile, review it carefully.  Once you agree to the terms, click the “I agree” button.  The form will then come up. Be prepared to provide the following:

·       Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

     (all 17 digits);

·       Truck Manufacturer;

·       Truck Axle Serial Number, Specification Number

     and Ratio;

·       New Option (Upgrade) and/or Ratio Required;

·       Name of Truck Buyer;

·       Shipping/Billing Address;

·       Freight Company Preference (required);

·       Vehicle Mileage and License.

·       Return carrier should be painted or chalked with

     the CEP number assigned by an Meritor

representative at the time of order.


Please be advised that incomplete forms will cause a delay in processing your request.



·                     An administration fee will be applied on all carriers shipped.  The total cost including any upgrade or special charges that may apply as well as the availability of the carriers can be obtained by contacting Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket in Florence, KY or Brampton, Ontario. 

·                     The carrier will be shipped freight collect.  When

you receive the carrier, ship the exchanged unit freight prepaid, along with the CEP number (chalked onto unit and noted on the bill of lading) to the following address :


 United States 

            Meritor Commercial Vehicle Systems

            Carrier Exchange Program

            ATTN: CEP Dept.

            849 Whitaker Rd.

            Plainfield, IN 46168





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            Meritor Commercial Vehicle Systems

            Carrier Exchange Program

            350 First Gulf Blvd

            Brampton, ONT L6W4T5 CANADA



·       Dealers will be responsible for labor or other

     expenses incurred for removing and installing


·       The exchanged carrier must be returned within

     30 days of receipt of the new unit and must

     meet “damage free” conditions;

·       Dealers will be charged for damaged or used

     carriers and incorrect model types;

·       Exchanged carriers that are not returned are

     billed to the dealer at the new carrier’s full       price;

·       Dealers may be assessed a charge on

carriers if they are returned but cannot be identified because CEP number is not painted/chalked onto carrier and provided on the bill of lading;

·       Any upgrade charges will be billed through the

     OEM system;

·       Failure to conform to these guidelines will result

     in a dealer being disqualified from the program.